Marshall was a Newfoundland/Black Labrador mix and he was 11 years and 2 months old when he passed away on November 16th. He was unable to recover and bounce back from his emergency surgery in October. I will never be the same and neither will the shop, but he will forever be in my heart.

In March of 2018 I adopted a new dog and her name is Sky. She has totally different energy than Marshall and she loves to meet and greet people. She is a Great Pyrnee mix, we think she is mixed with Malamute and Chow Chow. She is quite the talker at times, especially when it gets near her lunch walk time or close to closing time. She’ll let you know to hurry up because she wants to go. It’s rather comical.

Karma Care originally opened in June of 2014 and was in the lower level of Parkade, but then relocated to 2305 West Ash, Ste A in May of 2016 and now we have moved to an even larger location by other retail shops at 1414 Rangeline Ste B. Hopefully, this will be the final move and we will have found the most ideal location to serve all of you.

I offer over 50 varieties of stones, crystals, gemstones, and rocks.

Yes, I carry Himalayan Salt Lamps and a variety of other lamps.

The artwork is mostly my own- I did the watercolor paintings, the white charcoal drawing, a lot of the ceramic pieces, the soapstone carvings, some of the dream-catchers, most of the wire wrapped jewelry, and the tree of life pendants.

I got interested in stones and holistic energy work after Western medicine almost killed me.

The Black light area is there to show you the stones that have fluorescent components and change colors with the black light. Yes those stones are for sale too.