Important Updates

I wanted everyone to know the shop will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Plus we are having a BLACK FRIDAY Event- an IN-STORE SCAVENGER HUNT. The event will start at 9 am and will end at 6 pm or until we run out out of scratch off tickets & prizes. If you come in as a family for this I have to limit it to one ticket so work together to solve the clues so you can get your scratch off ticket. We are doing this due to limited tickets/prizes. The prizes can vary from a free item that you reveal when you scratch off your ticket, to a free 30 minute biomat treatment by appointment, to a free chakra pendulum appointment by appointment, to some discount on a purchase.  It will be a fun event and we always have ample free parking. Bring your friends and family. The more the merrier.

I recently returned from 2 shows so there is lots of new items and I also have a couple of shipments due to arrive any day now. Always adding new things so it doesn’t get boring.

Then we will have our next Psychic Saturday event on December 14th. We have 2 confirmed vendors at this time, but are hoping to get additional vendor(s) confirmed. The vendors set their own prices and collect their own fees. I know we have the following services being offered by the vendors so far– intuitive pressure point technique, tracking, tarot card reading, bone reading, and pendulum work. The vendors are scheduled to be here from 10-4; however one vendor that does the bone and tarot readings and pendulum work won’t be here until 1. The shop will be open from 9-6 that day. We have ample free parking and there will be snacks. No appointments necessary for the vendors. Bring your friends and family.

We will be closed on Christmas Day and on New Year’s Day too. Also I suggest you call if the weather is really bad causing slick roads to make sure we were able to get here.