What's Offered/Special Events

Services Offered

I take great effort to find quality stones, jewelry, essential oils, lamps, tarot and oracle cards, bags, etc. at affordable prices and then pass those prices on to my customers/clients. I also offer biomat treatments and counseling services by appointment. There is also a small classroom so I offer classes on various topics such as wire wrapping, tree of life pendant classes, dreamcatchers, etc. Plus that room is available to rent for small gatherings and parties.In addition, I take special orders and will look for items that people want and then get them in for them. That way they don't have to do the searching and comparing and trying to find the best price.

In addition, custom artwork can be ordered. That is everything from drawings to paintings, to carvings, to dreamcatchers, wire wrapped jewelry, glass beads, etc. 

I will be going to the Denver Rock and Gem Show in September on a buying trip for the shop. If there is something special you want me to look for please let me know before September 6th. I will be returning late on Sept 15th and will be back in the shop on the 16th. It usually takes me a full  week to get everything inventoried , priced, and put out on the floor for sale. Come check out all the new stuff and I'm sure you'll find something you like.

Coming Events/Classes

October 1st - Witch or Haunted House workshop. Just $35 and that includes all necessary supplies and also a witch card reading. The houses are made from gourd and Melynda Lotven, a gourd artist, is facilitating that part of the class or workshop. Therese Folsom will be offering the witch card readings. Feel free to bring any trinkets or doodads you want to add to your house or if you don't want to share a glue gun you can bring your own. You can also bring a snack, The workshop is from 12-4 pm. If you want to see the sample witch house check out our Facebook page- karmacarellc. Space is limited so reserve your space before the class is full. Call us at 573-777-1615 or stop by and reserve your space.

October 14- Magnified Crystal Photography from 10:30-5:00. Tish Egerton, author of Optical Awakenings, will be at the shop to photograph crystals. She takes magnified images of crystals using her computer and special equipment to capture details not normally seen by the naked eye. She charges $10 per emailed photo, but if you get 10 or more photos they are just $5 each. Bring your crystals or buy some at the shop that day. They make wonderful unique gifts, especially if paired with the crystal.

General Information

We are open  7 days a week. Hours  

vary on the day of the week:

Sunday 9-12

Monday 11-4

Tuesday 9-1 and 2-6

Wednesday 9-1 and 2-6

Thursday 11-4

Friday 9-1 and 2-6

Saturday 9-1 and 2-6

2503 West Ash Street, Ste. A; Columbia, MO 


Counseling sessions are by appointment only and are typically scheduled during times when the retail shop isn't open. Sunday afternoon unless a class is scheduled. Monday and Thursday morning or afternoon. Other evenings can be arranged. 

Also I do not accept insurance and that is because, in my opinion, they try to control your sessions and as for information that is none of their business. I can give you a receipt for this and you can try to submit as an out of network provider if you choose to. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri.

Card readings other than on Saturdays can be arranged, but require a minimum of a 30 minute reading. Reiki and energy work sessions are also available by appointment too.

Current Deals

30 Minute Introduction Biomat Treatments are just $15 as opposed to the usual $30 for 30 minutes. Plus anyone that shows proof of being in the Military or a Veteran; as well as, anyone currently undergoing treatment for cancer (who shows some documentation)  will receive the discounted rate all the time.

Plus anyone who buys any products or items gets a free stone from the free stone container/jar.

Share the big news

I have just added Margaret Ann Lembo from the Crystal Garden's new roll on essential oils. I currently am carrying "Be Happy", "Be Safe", and "Be Sleepy", "Angel-gesic" and "Be Wealthy".

Also we now have two card readers ion Saturdays. Judith is here from 10-1 and she charges $1 a minute so you set how long if a reading you want. If she goes over it is at her own cost, but if you ask for more it is on you at the regular rate, She also does reiki and other energy work by appointments. She is willing to come in on other days for readings, but she requires a minimum of 30 minutes for those readings since she has to make a special trip in. Then from 2-4 on Saturdays we have Shella that also offers card readings and has over 12 decks to chose from. Her rate is negotiable and she has even done some readings for trade.

I am also trying to arrange for a photographer that specializes in macro photos of crystals to come in and be available to photograph customer's personal crystals and maybe some of the ones I have for sale at the shop. Not quite sure when we will get it all worked out, but I'm hoping to offer it sometime in October or November. From what I understand she charges $10 per photo, but if you go over a certain number the price may be reduced.


Marshall is a Newfoundland/Black Labrador mix and he is 10-1/2 years old and a cancer survivor, but he is currently being treated again since he has had a recurrence. 

I moved into this location May of 2016. I was formerly in the lower level of the Parkade Center and opened there June of 2014.

I offer over 50 varieties of stones, crystals, gemstones, and rocks.

Yes I carry Himalayan Salt Lamps.

The artwork is mostly my own- I did the watercolor paintings, the white charcoal drawing, a lot of the ceramic pieces, the soapstone carvings, some of the dreamcatchers, most of the wire wrapped jewelry, and the tree of life pendants.

I got interested in stones and holistic energy work after Western medicine almost killed me.

The Black light area is there to show you the stones that have fluorescent components and change colors with the black light. Yes those stones are for sale too.