Large Labradorite Palm Stones


Great for protecting your Ora,  helping connect with magical world lots of chatoyancy,  approx size     2 3/4″ x1 3/4″.  $9.00 each

Minimum $25.00 Total Required for All Orders
Orders are Shipped Once a Week on Fridays


Are you doing everything in your power to protect your aura these days? You can take your efforts to the next level by investing in Large Labradorite Palm Stones for Protecting Your Aura from Karma Care LLC. Although these palm stones are only about 2-3/4” x1-3/4”, they feature plenty of chatoyancy and will help you keep your aura protected at all costs. They’ve also been known to help people connect with the magical world and may help awaken hidden powers in certain people like clairvoyance and prophecy.


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